Six Basic Cooking Techniques

We’ve turned our best-selling cooking class into a book!

Just in time for the December holidays, our first cookbook — Six Basic Cooking Techniques: Culinary Essentials for the Home Cook will be available exclusively at our school and though our website, as we gear up for a national launch in March 2018.

What’s Inside?

For 15 years, we have been teaching students the six basic cooking techniques that lay the groundwork for a solid culinary foundation, and now this vividly photographed cooking manual continues that tradition.

You’ll learn the proper way to:

  • handle a chef’s knife,
  • cook meat to perfection,
  • create impressive pan sauces, and
  • prepare restaurant-worthy vegetable dishes (3 ways)

Plus, you’ll discover which ingredients truly make a difference in a home kitchen (Psst! Kosher salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, to start).

Packed with recipes, equipment lists, temperature charts, flavor combinations, and fundamental kitchen wisdom, it is designed to answers all of your burning culinary questions:
  • “Is sea salt better than table salt?”
  • “Can I use a garlic press to mince garlic?”
  • “What kind of wine should I use for cooking?”
  • “What is ‘extra-virgin’ olive oil?”
  • “How do I know when meat is done?”

Stay Tuned!

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