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We know it is difficult to chose just the right cooking class. To simplify the process, we have divided our class offerings into easier-to-digest categories, so you can focus on the classes that are right for you. Beginner classes cover a broad range of basic culinary skills, while our single subject/regional classes allow for a sharper focus on a particular category of food or cuisine.

Regardless of the class you choose, there are no prerequisites other than a desire to learn.

To view our class schedule in calendar form, please go here.


Six Basic Cooking Techniques

Six (More) Basic Cooking Techniques

Culinary Boot Camp for Everyone: Skills Intensive (5 weeks)

Farmers’ Market Tour + Cooking Class

Knife Skills 101

Cooking for the Week

How to Cook Fish

How to Cook (More) Fish

Quick & Ridiculously Delicious Dinners

Best Winter Soups

Vegetarian Suppers that We Love

Vegetarian Summer Suppers

What to Eat & How to Shop (grocery shopping workshop)

How to Use Herbs & Spices in Cooking (or Seasoning 101)


Knife Skills 101

How to Cook Fish

How to Cook (More) Fish

How to Cook Mussels, Clams, Shrimp and Scallops

How to Cook Chicken

How to Cook Duck

How to Cook Pork

How to Cook Vegetables

How to Cook with Produce from the Farmers Market

How to Make Really Good Sauces

How to Use Herbs & Spices in Cooking (or Seasoning 101)

Cheesemaking Workshop

Baking Essentials

Savory Breads and Pies

Sunday Brunch

Candy Making (seasonal/holiday)

Fresh Pasta Workshop

Fresh Pasta Workshop II

Gnocchi and Risotto Workshop


French Bistro

Northern Italian

Gnocchi and Risotto Workshop

Introduction to Indian

Introduction to Korean

Thai Food: Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet

The Best Asian Noodle Dishes

Dim Sum Workshop

Pho and other Vietnamese Restaurant Favorites

Spanish Paella and Tapas

Middle Eastern Supper

Middle Eastern Mezze (vegetarian small plates)

Handmade Mexican Tacos

Southern Brunch

Southern BBQ Supper